2022 AGM Minutes


of Westgate Health Cooperative Ltd ( “WHC”)

Newport library Hub

Thursday 27 October 2022, 6.30pm.


Agenda Item



JM (Chair) opened meeting at 7pm (due to technical difficulties)



Jennifer Morris (Chair) (JM)

Allison Crunden (Deputy Chair) (AC)

Jason Faranda (Treasurer) (JF)

Stuart James (SJ)

Bev Kennedy (BK)

Ross Williamson (RW)

Clare Roczniok (CR)

Simon Oldham (SO)

with 41 registered members as noted on Registration Sheet



Nil received



JM welcomed members, acknowledged the traditional custodians of the land, the Kulin Nation, and noted the meeting was being recorded solely for the purpose of ensuring the accuracy of the minutes.


Confirmation of minutes


To confirm the Minutes from the 2021 AGM on 28 October 2021.



Presentation of Annual Report by Jenny Morris, Chairperson

Chair Report:

JM referred members to the Annual Report and noted:

  • Her thanks to the staff who continue to pivot and respond to these everchanging challenges with commitment, passion and resilience and to Bev Kennedy for assisting in the role of Transition Manager.
  • Her thanks to Jason Faranda for his commitment and expertise over the past 3 years in the role of Director, Governance Sub Committee member and Treasurer, in particular for giving us an understanding of our reality and possible options to ensure that there is a WHC going forward.
  • The media has in recent times highlighted the challenges facing medical clinics and WHC has felt all of those. It resulted in us, with great reluctance but a commitment to there being a WHC going forward, introducing mixed billing. 
  • Thank you to fellow Board Members for their commitment and support.
  • It is the stories of courage, commitment and compassion that make Westgate Health Co-op the unique organisation that it is and an organisation that we believed was worth fighting for its survival.

Transition Manager Report:

BK referred member to the Annual Report and noted:

  • That the past year had continued to be one of many challenges and changes, including the departure of CEO Liz Hunter in May 2022. Stepping in to act in the role of Transition Manager whilst the Board assessed the needs of the organisation and the financial viability as to what a ‘leadership role’ may look like.
  • BK applauded the highly skilled, enthusiastic ‘Team’ of doctors, nurses, receptionists, allied health professionals and administration staff who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the health and wellbeing of our Members and their colleagues. 
  • The implementation of Mixed Billing was undertaken with reluctance but with a sense of commitment to ensuring there being a WHC going forward - there is already a positive outcome from this: we have secured 2 doctors with another seriously considering WHC as a viable option
  • Our priority continues to be that we seek doctors and team members that ‘are a fit’ with a shared passion for community and our Co-operative principles.
  • BK thanked the team, the Board and members for their support and understanding in these challenging times. 
  • BK noted that the future is not without it’s challenges but, we are a resilient organisation and together WHC has a future worth fighting for.


That the Annual Report circulated prior to the meeting be received.



Financial Report

Treasurer Report:

It has been another challenging year, with the removal of government COVID support ($780,000 in Jobkeeper in 20-21) having a significant impact on the financials.

WHC had 4 doctors less and saw 6,000 less patients which is reflected in the figures.

Healthy balance sheet despite COVID.

It was noted that no money was donated this year due to the financial situation with the Westgate Heath Charitable Fund being down $26,000 which that this money is invested in the stockmarket so returns can be variable.  At the time of the meeting the fund was



Can we get more details on Other Expenses – it is a large figure that could be broken up to give more information

Response:  JF noted that the chart of accounts was the model as presented previously at AGMs, however that breakdown can be done in the future if desired. He noted the accounts in full are on the Australian Charities and Not for profit Commission website and there was a hardcopy available at the meeting.


That the Financial Reports circulated prior to the meeting be received.





That Stannards Accountants and Auditors continue to be the auditors for this financial year.



Mixed Billing

JM, JF and BK presented a summary of the background and rationale for the introduction of mixed billing.

JM presented a brief overview affirming the commitment to the ethos, vision and mission of WHC and of the options that were considered in response to the dire financial situation.

JF presented financials which showed the dire financial position of WHC if the status quo continued: bulk billing, no recruitment of doctors and if no current doctors leave. The resultant $550,000 loss would in one year wipe out the Charity Fund that has been built up over many years.

A second budget showing the implementation of mixed billing from 1 November assuming no new doctors and reduces the deficit to $274,094.

BK noted that bulk billing was introduced a month earlier than anticipated and already we have recruited new doctors. The projected deficit reduces significantly with every new doctor introduced.

BK reiterated how hard a decision it had been to introduce mixed billing but how necessary it was to save WHC.

In summary, BK noted that the early signs are positive with the WHC well placed to continue to provide affordable health care for everyone and able to serve the community in a meaningful way.



JM noted there were 3 nomination for 4 positions: 1 vacant and 3 incumbents. As per advice of returning officer Ken Dyer those people can be declared elected and no election is required under the constitution.

Renominating members AC and JM spoke briefly as to their experience to date and their reasons for renominating.

Newly appointed independent director, Simon Oldham spoke to his experience and commitment to community and the not for profit sector.


Member questions

Question 1

Question regarding loss of doctors pre-COVID being a key reason for the dire situation we found ourselves in.


AC – yes those departures exacerbated the problem but these things happen in organisations.  There are always push and pull factors but rather than focus on those changes at that point in time we can look at the long periods of stability which preceded and are rare in workplaces.

BK – our focus is on ‘the now’

Question 2

Comment – board is doing a great job and steering in the right direction

Question – where is WHC going in terms of leadership?


BK – there is currently a Transition Plan in place

JM – we now believe we have a future so are working on a structure going forward

Question 3

Will there be a return to bulk billing?


JM – it is not anticipated at the present time but if there were to be a new set of circumstances then it would again be considered.

Question 4

Who gets the invite to the AGM and who gets to vote. My husband was the only one who got the invite.


JF - a family membership equals one vote and the invite is sent to the person nominated on the form as the main contact [it does not automatically go to a particular member of the household]

Question 5

What is the ‘out of pocket’ expense for a consultation?


BK – provided explanation as per costs that are detailed on the WHC website.  It was noted that it was a requirement of Medicare that the full fee be paid on the day and the Medicare transfers the rebate into your account within 24 hours. 


Acknowledgement of retiring Director / Treasurer

BK presented a thank you gift to retiring Treasurer, Jason Faranda, once again noting his invaluable contribution to the board and terrific support to staff especially Tracy Sproull, Finance and Payroll Officer.


Other Business

As no other business had been notified to the board, the meeting was declared closed with Members being thanked for their attendance.


Meeting closed

8.30pm with members and directors continuing to enjoy light refreshments.

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